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I help people with a number of issues including depression, grief, anxiety, career and workplace issues and provide external resources for help when possible and if needed.


Couples therapy is my passion. I help couples through the hardest challenges including infidelity, trust issues, poor communication, arguing and dealing with substance abuse and other boundary violations. I help people who are contemplating divorce and offer guidance to those who are considering marriage or other types of relationships.


I work with individuals and couples through sex-related issues. I help people with sexual dysfunction, LGBTQ issues, coming out and getting through sexual trauma. I also help individuals considering consensual nonmonogamy as well as enhancing monogamous relationships. I help people communicate about sex and desire and being open and accepting. I am also quite experienced in helping people with transitioning.


I like to help people get to the bottom of their depression and introduce steps on how to get out of it. Depression is different than grief or just having a bad day. Sometimes we don't know why we're depressed, but I like to get people to a point where they can chalk it up to something. I do support psychiatric intervention, i.e., medication, and feel it can be helpful in a lot of situations. I like to pinpoint causes and help people feel less overwhelmed.


I do help people who are in recovery and who might be dealing with relapse. I like to be honest with people about their relationship to alcohol and drugs and operate from a harm-reduction model of treatment. I do support the use of 12-step programs but believe in providing alternatives in order to assure the best possible outcome. I am supportive of medically-assisted addictions treatment for those who are having a challenge staying clean. I like to talk about the positives for staying clean and to discuss at a deeper level one's meaning and purpose in life as ways of staying clean. I do not offer services for people involved in the legal system, for example, people on probation. I am not a court-approved treatment center and do not report to outside agencies, courts or probation.

I provide assistance for families wanting improved functioning. I talk to parents about blended families and the challenges that can present. I offer parenting skills and better ways to elicit cooperation from children. I talk about communicating with teens and younger children and the things that seem to work and don't. I also help with families where there is addiction or abuse and how to get through these challenges.


Not knowing is the greatest source of anxiety in the human animal. I teach people to embrace and welcome the unknown. I help people with anxiety develop strategies and new outlooks on reducing and managing their anxiety. I do recommend medical intervention when indicated and refer people to health care professionals on a regular basis while continuing my work with them.

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